quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2011


This work was very interesting to do. A friend ordered me the diorama including a Ferrari 2003 GA in 1:18 scale, during a Pit Stop in any race that year. He brought me a large box with lots of figures (I tryed to remember the maker but that's difficult) and "billions" of small decals to set on them. In this box was included a fuel pump station and some details that were used in the Formule 1's pit stops at that time. Also there was a photographer/filmaker that could be in the pit lane during the actions.

The most important thing it was to make the base with a good space for all the mechanics and machines, creating a sceene that should remember a real refueling and tyres changing. I sid a research about the marks on the track and pit lane and tryed to get a good representation of the textures. In fact this base would become a start for more two works into the same theme. And the results were a bit interesting.

It was a growing up as the figures were beeing fited to their places, even with the missing of the car that came some time after the work had started. Really I used a Toyota to get the right position for the stripes painted on the ground. Once the maker sent all the figures and tools pre-painted, the most hhard work was to aplly the decals, too many, too small, too hard. But sure, the results are at least, a good looking for the ferrarists' eyes. See that:

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  1. Can you tell me what figures these were? I look for 1/18 scale but only find Fujimi 1/20 scale figures for Ferrari.