sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2011


The Puma cars were born in Brazil, first useing the DKW front engine and so, the traditional Volkswagen flat four in its 1,600 cc. In 1978 the little GT had a new body and its best looking, beeing one of the most desired brazilian's GT among the collectors. This one bellow was mine during five years and it gaves me the basis to work on a masterpiece and produce a resin kit in 1:24 scale, soldout at this time.

The kit was very simple but with good accuracy. The body was based on the 69 GT worked by modeler Sergio Enoch and produced as a kit by Ricardo Trópia, following the evolution of the real car. Some small details were in photoetched but all the parts were casted in urethene resin. Some 20 units were produced and they are very difficult to find today.

The tyres were also casted in resin but with a mat painting they looked very similar to the rubber. As a curb-side model (in fact only the chassis and front suspension were not detailed)
the kit still shows its engine, gearbox rear suspension and exhaust pipes.

The model could be built with the two options, with the roof in place or not. It is possible that this kit will be casted again in a very limited production, including an option to the GTE (coupe) model. It is only a possibility.

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  1. Este kit do GTS 78 é muito legal. Onde consigo um?
    Parabéns pelos detalhes.